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how do you get a fire veiled? i seen the picture in the photo contest and decided i would like one. i have some questions.

can you get one born from regular veiled eggs?

do fire veileds have the high yellows,oranges,reds when they are babies?

would a baby fire veiled look much different from the other babies?
There is no such thing. It was just something I nicknamed that chameleon with, for obvious reasons.

The parents of that chameleon showed absolutely not red or orange in them. Veileds don't have morphs really at this point, however nice parents will most likely produce nice offspring, and thats what happened in this case.
Tyler from Bluebeastreptiles bred that chameleon and last I heard he has grandkids of Lidgun hatching now, from a brother to the "fire veiled" being the sire. You'll have to email him and ask him what it looked like.

The parents of the fire veiled are below, and you can see that no orange is present. Maybe a hidden gene that is still hopefully somewhere in that bloodline.


and the mother:

If it were easy to ship internationally, I would have already pestered Tyler to ship some to me in hope of finding orange ones from this line.
Those are Kitty's mother's parents.
Kitty is only 15 weeks old but shows red a lot.
I just looked at storms picture again and the red he shows is exactly where Kitty displays it when he is mad or defending his perch.
Also, when he is under his basking light he turns so (almost completely) yellow.
I believe there are clutchmates still available, but who knows if any of them will show this color in the end....including Kitty.
Go to my blog and the link for Barry at Acme critters.
The clutch was from Saibara and Clarise.

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No, you won't seen color like that in a hatchling

Veiled hatchlings don't show more than a hint of the colors they will display as adults. As brad pointed out, these hints are very subtle. The coloration you see in the picture in the photo contest is mature adult coloration. Your best bet would be to ask for photos of him as a juvenile from Tyler as Will suggested. Brad, I hope Kitty turns out like that! He looks like he'll be an awesome guy.
My veiled

[/IMG]My veiled has recently passed I have a male ofspring of his and I cant wait to see how he turnes out.I cant believe people are still talking about him.Loosing him was a real lose
pic of my male and female pairing


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