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Ok so moving my more specific questions about feeding to this section, but really it's more of a continuation of my post in "Enclosures and Supplies". Picked up a baby Nosy Be Panther on the 3rd. Was hoping for a boy, but upon further research and examination I'm nearly certain we got a girl. Anyway, First night after the 4 hour drive there and back we got her home and setup by about 7:30 pm that night and she didn't eat (understandable). Second day she ate like 5 crickets when I moved her to a smaller container so it would be easier on her to hunt. Third day, same method, she ate like 4 crickets. Fourth day she seemed traumatized when I moved her to the container and wouldn't eat, I also suspect she may have seen her own reflection and got stressed. To my knowledge she didn't eat the fourth day, but I did have some crickets in her cage so I really can't be sure. I had substrate in the bottom up until the fourth day too so it was easy to lose track of the crickets I put in there. The fifth day I removed the substrate, repotted the ficus and removed the waterfall after being educated by some forum users. I tried putting the container in the bottom so she could go down and hunt, but she won't go that low on her own. I picked up some mealworms yesterday out of sheer desperation while I'm waiting for my silk worms to arrive. She only ate one cricket that was on the screen near her and 4 mealworms yesterday (the fifth day). Which brings us to today the sixth day... I have about 7 pinhead crickets in a feeder cup which are hopefully too small to get out and I have 6 mealworms in a feeder cup and she hasn't eaten anything yet. I know they are supposed to eat in the first part of the day so this is why I'm concerned. She is turning out to be very difficult to work with as she is absolutely terrified of me so I tried to be hands off and it still isn't working. I'm super stressed out at this point too because I don't want her to die. Please advise! Freaking out here....
Temps are mid to low 80s and humidity is between 50 and 60% today. Trying to figure out a good way to manage humidity after having taken out everything that was contributing to that. Still waiting on my mister I got from amazon.
my 4mo old female nosy is a big chicken also. Ive never seen her eat, she hides the second I come into the room. I just make sure to count what I put in her feeding cup to make sure she is eating. I tried the free roam for the food, but makes it too hard to keep track of what she is eating..

I would go easy on moving her and give her some weeks to get use to the cage she will be in until her next cage.

also daily poops will help you know she is eating.
Yeah, well mine is about 1 month so... The feeder cup is a little too big for her to get into and it's barely big enough to keep pinheads from jumping out. I tried hanging some branches over the side, but I tried to not give the crickets a ladder to climb out.
Any help? Today same thing, not eating. She seems to be sluggish. Just real dark basking at the top for long periods of time... She is closing her eyes too, but I'm not sure if that's just because she is basking. She kind turns to the side too when she sits there. Like she is trying to sun just one side at a time.
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