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Hey, I have been very interested in the past month in getting a chameleon (veiled). I have been doing all kinds of research on all aspects of care for them (I've had a monitor before, but they arent at all similar to chamleons obviously), and I'm kind of concerned about finding a good healthy baby to buy.

I've been to about 5-6 pet/reptile stores, including where i got the monitor, and have been a little shocked about the condition of the chameleons. EVERY store held their chams in glass tanks (Everything i read said to use mesh?) and many of them placed water bowls similar to what i used with my monitor. Some of older, bigger chams had bumps on their heads and i saw one big guy fall off his branch, probably not a good sign. Many of the chameleons were dull colors, one was even completely black. Only one store seemed to have a nice healthy tank of baby chameleons, green, walking, staring with those creepy eyes. But I'm a little worried about buying from there since the chameleons are in a glass tank and their are MANY placed in that single tank (5-7), plus I'm slightly worried about their ability to sex the chameleon. They are VERY small, no bigger than half the length of my finger or entire pinky. I'm not really sure what to look for, i know males have spurs but again I have never had chameleons before so I'm not entirely sure what they look like/when you can see them. I dont want my boy chameleon to suddenly feel the urge to lay eggs and I have no bin for him to lay them in. Would this store be a reliable option or should i shop around some more?

Just a note, I live in colorado, its really dry here, is that possibly a reason all the stores used glass tanks? If so should i consider glass instead of the mesh? Any help would great.
Glass is fine if you get enough air flow and the tank dries out a couple of times a day. Jackson chams do well in glass due to the high humidity.

Babies are normally raised like you have seen till around 4-5 months, when they start hating other chams.

If you cant find a local place, there are plenty of sponsors here and breeders in the classified sections. They should be the same cost as your local place, plus the $30-40 in shipping.
Great thanks. I kept reading that you can't have chameleons together but it never really specified at what ages so i wasnt too sure. This being my first chameleon i didnt want to get any that might be sick/stressed or otherwise require special care.
Young ones can be kept together, but I recommend separating babies when they are around 3 months old.
I recommend buying from a small time breeder that truly cares about their pets. You will most likely get a friendlier, healthier animal. The Chameleon Farms has some veiled babies now. There link is below. I recommend separating babies by one month so they don't have to compete for food and you will also have tail nips and legs bites if not separated soon enough.

Dez is another excellent small breeder to buy from but I'm not sure if she has any veileds right now.

Below is my blog for new keepers.
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