Finally Saw Mythos Drinking


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I have had Mythos (formerly Spock Jr.) for about 6 weeks now. It hasnt been an easy transition for him to say the least. He just isnt as active as I think an 11 month Panther should be but hey, he's my first 11 month old Panther haha. I've finally got him to eat on a daily basis but he is still soooo shy. The many days I have had to observe him now he tends to hang out in the middle of the cage. Not up by his basking light but my house temps are reaching about 80F in daytime now. He did not / does not care a whole lot for the misting system and doesnt seem to respond to the little dripper either but FINALLY, over the weekend I witnessed him drinking water from a branch intersection and sticking his tongue out to catch water dripping off his nose! Very happy to have seen this. I am worried about the guy. He's a beautiful Blue Bar Ambilobe but VERY different from Ego my Nosy Be.

Thanks :D
Hey Jon, sorry you are having a tough time getting him to drink. I've had several that were picky about the drip and have found that moving the drip around in the morning will usually reveal a spot that they respond to more than others. Sometime it takes the light shining through the droplets to trigger a drinking response. Once you find the sweet spot, setup your drip to run that way automatically. Have you been hand feeding mythos? He readily took dubia and crickets from my fingers so I hope he is just in an adjustment phase.
Hey Brian thanks. I moved the Dripper Sunday. It now sits on top of my UV hood and water falls between it and the basking lamp. It's weird, the water will drip right in front of or sometimes on to his nose and he doesn't react to it. He does take food from my hand. I wonder if I have too much foliage in the mid-upper part of cage and he likes the security of it? I just don't want him settling into one spot where he won't get enough UV or Basking. He's not a hunter and that worries me too. Thanks again Brian
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