Finally I got my cham!


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I been visiting this forum for some time to inform myself on this marvelous animal but this is my first post.

I´ve been interested in getting a cham a few years but haven´t had the time. But things have changed and since saturday (30 sep) I have a 10 month veild female at home. She is incredible! :D

I´ll post some pics soon.
Welcome Hempa. Can wait to see some pictures. I hope you have did a little research on egg laying. That is close to the age where my girl had her first infertile eggs.
Yes, I have. I have had contact with the breeder for some time before I bought the cham. First I was a little unsure if I wanted a female for a first cham but a bunch of questions later I felt safe.
Here she is.

I have tried to look at the picture a couple of times and finally got through. My computer gives me crap from time to time. She looks great. Already showing some good colors and very healthy looking. Congradulations!
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