finally held 2 of them

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we had to remove shaky and lucky from their cages so we could seal the bottom. they are strong their hands are like clamps ,their pinched my hand when i was moving them to smaller cages.
they have healthy claws too. i was suprised how strong they are though.
i have 2 small e.s.u fresh air cages for them to stay while their houses are sealed . which should be 24-48 hrs. then sonic and splinter will do the same process . their temp. cages have uvb/basking lighting /vines/foliage etc. so as they won't be stressed to much.
today i took out zeus for his first time ever outside to receive some natural light while i clean his cage. i put him in one of those travel open air cages and man o man was he upset...hes normally a nice lime grean but when i took him out side,...he was blacker than ever. i've never seen him this shade before ..i decided to end his horrible expierence and put him back in my home and as soon as he hit that artificial light..he was nice and green again...what a stubborn lil one he is...eventually i will get him used to it. in time though
probably turned black because of the travel cage you should get a screen cage for outside , they usually like the outdoor sun.
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