Finally digging


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After almost a month and a half my little girl is digging. She has come to the top of the cage and is covered in sand. I think she's done, but she did not cover her hole up. Is that normal? I gave her some mustard greens and covered her back up just in case. I probably shouldn't of done that until I was sure.....
IF she did not cover her hole, she may not be done laying.

It can take 3-5 weeks for a female to lay her eggs from the time she was bred.

Try to leave her be for now.

Once a female starts to dig, it can take them 3+ days to lay. So just give her her space.
Thank you for the info.. I will continue to leave her covered. I put her some worms in her dish so she can eat just whenever, and I put ice cubes of top of her cage so I don't disturb her by spraying the cage. Keeping my fingers crossed
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