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So I'm hoping that we are meeting the breeder tonight to get TWO chameleons, we had originally planned to get just the Veiled we saw at the expo but the breeder informed us he had a young Panther that he needed to part with also so we decided to get him as well. Anyways, i know they need 12 hour light cycles, whats a good time to turn the lights on/off? The room will be closed off from all traffic and the curtains can be shut or covered to not allow any sunlight in.

Also, I know Ficus & Hibiscus are good plants for them, but Ficus seem pretty dull and Hibiscus dont do well indoors without a grow light which I'm not to keen on getting unless the Chams UVB light will suffice, what other live plants are recommended that do well indoors?

Also, is it ok that the cages be close together or do I need to make some sort of divider to block off their view of each other?


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BTW, heres the Panther that we are getting:





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Congrats on the new editions. First and foremost READ all you can on this great forum. I have learned so much.

I have a veiled that I run the lights 7am to 7pm. Obviously there is some light after 7pm but, he seems to crash out when his lights go out. I just added a Schefflera (umbrella tree plant) to my enclosure and I think he likes it because he hides better. There is more foliage. My suggestion would have some type of divider between them. In all my reading I see that they are lone reptiles and only like to be together for a short while with a female to mate and that's it. This is all my limited knowledge, hope it helps.


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Wow that sire is gorgeous and the juvi has some very nice coloring as well! Yes a divider would be a good idea to they don't get too upset seeing one another. I usually do my lights with sun up sun down. Some people do a straight 12 hour cycle and that is ok too. I just don't like the cages lit up if it is dark outside. As far as having the room all dark that is not necessary. I would leave the shade or blinds open and let in as much daylight as possible. I like using Sheffeleras(aka unmbrella) and pothos work well as they vine. Oh, I forgot to say welcome to the forums and chameleon ownership!!!!!!


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So we got the two chams last night, they both are doing great and saw the Panther drinking from the leaves this morning and even fired off his tongue at a water droplet on the cage. We went looking at plants yesterday before we got them and Ficus trees seem too entangled and dense for chams to be able to move around in them. Pothos are the creeping vine plants and I know you need to hang them but I dont really need them atm. Hibiscus wont work because I dont have a grow light. The person at Lowes suggested a small willow tree. The leaves were broad enough to provide shade and the branches seemed sturdy enough to hold the weight. Are willows safe? Or is there a way to make the Ficus spread out more so its not so twisted together?


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I have a pothos growing up from the bottom of my setup. I noticed it reaching up towards my lighting so i think itll work. However being a week old owner, i dont have the experience or knowledge of other people on here.
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