Fertilizer balls


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My 6 month old Veiled zapped at least one tiny fertilizer ball/pellet from a nearby potted plant today. I have ever so carefully repotted and washed all of the plants in his cage. I am hoping that it will not be enough to cause any major issues. Has anyone had a cham that that got sick from this? Now I am worried sick.:(
I'm not sure what the effects of fertilizer balls are - it's never happened to me. But I have seen many people warning against them, so you should probably keep a very close eye on the progress of your cham.

However, what I did want to mention is that you might want to think about putting up a mesh screen over your pots to prevent the cham from getting at the soil, and swallowing things like stones/fertilizer.
I use a plastic mesh (just under 1/4inch screen) that garden centres sell as a backing/support for climbing plants. I simply cut it with scissors to match the shape of the pot, and cut a hole to the centre so I can get it around the trunk of the plant, then use cable ties to keep it down.
So far he seems fine. I do use screening held down with large river rocks on all of the pots inside of his cage and the ones I let him hang out in on the lanai. He happened to zap these out of a different pot.
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