Females: Nosy Be, Ambanja BB Ambilboe -- Great lines, Great prices

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We have a 5.5 month old female from Jungle Panther's sire Wake, pictured here (their sire):

Their damn was sired by the Kammers Caranthir (True Blue).

We have 2 6 month old BB Ambilobe females from Jungle Panthers. There sire is pictured here (their sire):

2 5 month old Ambanja females from Jungle Panther's Iwo
(their sire):

Price is $230 Shipped for 1, $400 shipped for 2, $540 shipped for 3

We also have more Josie females, aged about 7 months and becoming receptive:

With Sire:

She is priced at $300.

Email us at admin@panthercompany.com.
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Pics of actual females for sale. Some are becoming receptive and getting nice pinks/purples. Great lines. Nice-sized females.

-- CB True Blue Nosey Be from Chameleon Company, Sired by Houdini, just over 7 months

-- CB True Blue Nosey Be from Chameleon Company, Sired by Kneecap, just over 7 months

-- CB Ambanja female from Jungle Panther, sired by Iwo, starting to get some purple. Just about 6 months old.

-- CB Blue Bar Ambilobe from Jungle Panther, sired by Pelieu (BB pictured above). Roughly 6 months old.

We take paypal and ship Monday through Thursday for a flat $55. 7 day health guarantee.

Don't miss your chance to get these females while we scramble to make room for hatching babies :)
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