Female yellow graceful chameleon???


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Hello! I have a female graceful cham and she's normally med green. The last few days, she's been turning a yellow color. Each day that goes by, she's even more yellow. She has a dripping system and still has a healthy appetite. I do have a male veiled now as well, but he's only a few months old. Im thinking maybe she's really to mate and those are her mating colors? Or maybe she's gravid?? But she doesn't look gravid to me. I am going to put a lay box in her home today just incase. She eats crickets dusted with a multivitamin supplement. She sits there and stares at me being yellow. I will post some pics.
Well, I opened the door to take her pic and she turned green again. Too quickly for me to take the pic, so the pic I did take doesn't really do any justice.
My Senegal had been yellow for a few weeks. I upgraded to a larger enclosure and after he got used to it he was green again. Not suggesting you go out and spend money right now on a new cage, just my prior experience.
Lol, pretty sure that's not the problem. She lives in a 5 foot tall enclosure by 2 ft wide on all 4 sides. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Here are some pics taken yesterday and today.


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