Female Veiled w/ Spurs?


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I saw a couple posts from senior members on here that mentioned that females can have spurs. I still think I have a female even though I noticed little spurs...

Here are a couple photos I just took a little bit ago... She/(he?) still has a few spots from shedding...

This is Mojito and I got her March 30 and she was about the size of my pinkie at the time...

I'm pretty sure everyone will tell me that I have a boy but I'm really interested in hearing about females w/ spurs...


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Mojito is 1,000,000% male. Not only does he have spurs, but he has a nice, tall casque (for a young male), and very distinctive male bars. Females never have those large yellow bars along their sides, females tend to have dots and little blotches, but never the big, distinctive yellow bars.

Edit - If you go to this veiled care sheet and scroll down about half way there are a series of photos. One of them is a male and a female side by side, and even though they're adults, you can still see the difference in their coloration, patterns, and casque. https://www.chameleonforums.com/care/caresheets/veiled/
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newbie oops...

I thought I did my homework but I guess not... I had no idea about the yellow bars... Now I just have to get used to calling her a him...

Thank you for the help!
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