Female Veiled for Adoption w/Nice Enclosure and Supplies


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I am posting my 18 month old female veiled chameleon, Emmy for adoption. She is healthy, content, is hand fed, and will even sit patiently on my (supervised) childrens’ shoulders during regular cleanings. If she’s being adopted, I want to reduce her stress by sending her enclosure and equipment with her. This is the equipment:
Reptibreeze XL enclosure measures 24”x24”x48”
Custom solid wood stand w/cabinets
Arcadia 550mm T5 w/ 6% UVB light that’s only 2 months old.
Vivarium Electronic 24w T5 6400k light, also 2 months old.
Zoo Med dual heat lamp fixture
Eco Terra Monsoon Solo II mister
Dripper bottle
Two very full and mature pothos plants w/stand
Reptibreeze 24”x24” tray
A year’s supply of cricket crack
Repashy Calcium plus LoD
Rep-Cal Calcium w/o vitamin D

I live in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA and my zip is 19073. Message me if you’re serious about adopting and I’ll only consider adopting to experienced chameleon keepers. I love Emmy and want her to go to the best home possible.

Thank you,



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