Female Panther's and being Receptive


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So I have a 12-13 month old female panther, that I have had since she was ~4-5 months old. She is from Dezs' Little Clown.

She has never been receptive to either of my 2 males. She gapes/runs away, but never turns black. I never actually put the males in, once she see's them outside of her enclosure she bolts.

She's a healthy girl, around 70g, never laid an infertile clutch. Her enclosure is a 24"x22"x54" custom. Lay box, hibiscus plant and Pothos, multiple vines etc.

I have tried her outside on neutral ground and her in the male enclosure, same thing every time.

What I was curious about is, are there ever any females that just never become receptive? I figured most girls by around 12 months would turn the pinkish color you see with receptive females. I have a 15 month old, Iris who is always pink.

Around 8 months, slight pink.

Around 8 months. You can kind of see a slight pink. She was not happy with the camera!

Here she is now. She throws oranges/blues

Always this color roughly. Sometimes her white becomes a very light pink, but still has the orange/brown barring

Thanks for looking :)


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I've never known a receptive female panther to refuse a male but it has happened with other species.

The female in question isn't receptive. I was asking if there were ever any females that for whatever reason, just never went receptive?


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Thanks Jann. I do know receptive vs not receptive. I guess I was under the impression that adult female panthers all turned a pinkish color eventually, maybe that isn't the case?

I assumed by now a 70g female, 12-13 months old would still not be showing what I guess I would call "sub-adult" coloration.

I just haven't heard of a 12+ month female, not be pink I guess!

I have a receptive female, just two males who don't want to get the deed done!

Here is Iris, always pink. When she gets mad she will turn blackish, but stays pink. Her every day colors, most times she is even more pink.

Her with Proteus. He mounted twice, but never did anything, now is afraid of her :)

Aura's colors are always the brown/orange/white, with very little pink. Maybe she is just a late bloomer.


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Check her while sleeping and completely relaxed. if she is a brillant pink or orange, then you will know there are other factors at play. also for mating, you can try introducing the male in the middle of the night. either to breed at that moment or allow them to awaken together. i've had success with both methods. if allowing them to awake, be prepared as it may happen and be done with within 30 minutes of lights turning on and she may turn aggressive quickly after mating. she may also turn black or real dark from hormones.i've seen some chams turn colors almost instantly. crazy to watch the transformation. ps: also had good luck at about an hour before lights turn off.
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