Female panther very weak after laying eggs


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My female panther laid 33 eggs yesterday and she is 8 months old.

After placing her back in her enclosure last night she did eat 8 crickets, 1 horned worm that were dusted with Calcuim without D3.

She is very weak and has a hard time keeping her balance up on a stick.

Do you have any other suggestions of vitamens or supplements to help her out?


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Lots of water, calcium, and natural sunshine if you can get her outside.

you can also try a bit of liquid calcium, which I believe you can get from any local pharmacy OTC.


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Thanks for replying.

Does it matter if it is with D3 or without D3?

Yes. too much d3 leads to an overdose. you want plain calcium powder only, and a liquid calcium if you go that route, which I don't think has anything but calcium in it.
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