Female Panther Eye problems


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Hi guys!
I have a female panther chameleon that is about 1 year old. Recently she hasn't wanted to eat but when I put her in the shower she will drink. She normally really likes meal worms, and has a few crickets roaming in her cage. She started to have this weird clear eye goo in her eye. I thought that the shower would help her get it out, but it hasn't and this morning she started rubbing it on the leave, but that was the first time I saw her do that. Who else has encountered this? She has a mesh cage, a 5.0 UV light, a heat lamp, vines in her cage and when she does eat we dip the worms in calcium powder.(its one of the Repti-___ I just dont have it infront of me. Its the one with D3 too)
One of my guys gets that every now and then. It's weird cause he's the only one. If its the same thing it shouldn't be a huge worry at the moment. Go to the store and get saline solution and put a few drops in her eye. Very very very very very gently use a cotton swap and try and wipe it off. Did i mention very gently?? if you have a shakey hand or are nervous don't do it. It also sounds like you might have an issue with your dusting/feeding Id fill out the "ask for help" form and attach some pictures of the eye. good luck
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