Female Jackson Seems Off :(


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I just purchased a female Jackson Chameleon two weeks ago from the pet shop near the mall in Kahului, Maui. Her name is Steven. Since I got her, I've only seen her eat once and she seems to have lost some girth.

I mist her and her surroundings multiple times a day and she spends the daytime in her enclosure either outside or sitting just inside the open doorway so there's plenty of sunshine. She has quite a bit of palm foliage and sticks/branches in her enclosure. There are areas where she can bask in direct light, as well as chill in the shade in her enclosure during the day.

The pet store gave me meal worms (little white buggers, maybe half an inch to an inch long with tiny little feet) to feed her. I saw her gobble up two about 3 days ago and other than that, I just find them squirming around uneaten, or dead on the floor of the enclosure.

Initially in the pet store, she was a neon green with black spots. She now stays a bright lime-ish green most of the time, and doesn't really change much unless I'm cleaning out her enclosure or something. Even then, she doesn't turn dark or brown, just varies her green.

She hasn't moved much over the last couple of days and keeps her eyes closed a lot. I work 2-9 every day, so I'm only around in the early day time and late at night. In the mornings, she's awake and has her eyes open, but most of the time when I stop by, she seems asleep and isn't very active. She seems to like one specific twisted/curved branch in her enclosure and sticks to it most of the time now.

I've tried looking around at some posts here, but the info is really overwhelming. Any help for Steven and I would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I need to vary her food, so ill probably pick up some crickets on Thursday when I'm back on the east side of the island. Do they eat any kinds or fruits or veggies that I could try to supplement with, as well?


Edited to add requested form:

Your Chameleon - Jackson, Female, bought in the last 14 days, less than 6 months old
Handling - Every few days to clean out her enclosure. I remove the stick/branch, plant she's on and sometimes she'll reach out and crawl on me, sometimes she stays on her branch/plant.
Feeding - I feed her mealworms. Keep them in the fridge and then let them out for 10-20 min so they're wiggly, then put them on a plant within reach where she is facing them. Twice a day I put 3-4 in. I have only seen her eat once.
Supplements - no supplements
Watering - I mist her enclosure 4 times a day with a bottle mister (not a hard sprayer)
Fecal Description - I saw a poop once since I've had her. It was dark brown.
History - the pet store owner said the breeder kept them well fed before they received them and have me a tub with 100 mealworms inside.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - large-ish mesh enclosure; probably 3ft tall, 20-24" wide and deep
Lighting - spends daytime in open doorway or outside with access to light and shade
Temperature - No idea
Humidity - No clue. Misting and outside time are my maintenance
Plants - palm branches
Placement - Cage is on top of 3 ft tall dresser during night time, is on floor/deck during day time
Location - Maui, hawaii

Current Problem - Steven doesn't seem to be eating, seems to be still/sleep? a lot, and I just want to make introduction and see what I need to be doing to make her happy :)
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First of heads up people gonna ask for proper way to fill this form. Form can be found here "Click Me"

My cham used to sleep during the day when lights were to bright or temp wasnt perfect since i fixed that he doesnt do that anymore.


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First of heads up people gonna ask for proper way to fill this form. Form can be found here "Click Me"

My cham used to sleep during the day when lights were to bright or temp wasnt perfect since i fixed that he doesnt do that anymore.

I covered most of that info in the initial post, but organized it into the form as requested. :)



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Is this a "field collected in Hawaii" chameleon? Sometimes WC chameleons just do not settle into captive life. Maybe consider a larger outdoor enclosure so she feels more at home with plenty of plants.

You have "no idea" on heat. That needs to be known. Jacksons do not like it hot. So if she is over 85 F, she could be overheating and thus lethargic. The best way to measure heat is with a temperature gun. Digitals are OK, but some can be off as much as 10 degrees F.

Do you see her drink during the mistings at all?

If you are feeding mealworms, she may be impacted as well. You should try crickets/roaches/silkworms, even superworms are better than mealworms. Have you seen her poop?

She could have parasites too, can you get her to a reptile vet?
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