Female eye not opening but when it does....


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My female vieled chameleon eye doesn't open. It looks almost deflated, but the left eye looks perfectly normal.It's approximently 3 months old. I am feeding it calcium with d3, have not bought the vitamins. I read on a website not to start till 4 to 5 months with vitamins. When my female opens her right eye, it looks like she is trying to puff it out to make it back to normal. It has a pinkish color to it when she does that as well. She also rubs her right eye on the branch acting like it needs to scratch it. I'm only guessing its an infection. Any help? I don't want to lose her.


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yours suppose to only do calcium with d3 twice a month and regular calcium every feeding that might be your prob they can O D not sure exactly what your prob might b but I do know that much im new to.
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