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Hello! This is my first post, so I'd hope I'm posting in the correct section.

Some history on my cham:
I have had my female veiled for approximately 3.5 months now; she is approximately 6 to 7 months old. When I first obtained her from a pet store, she had just undergone surgery for cysts that had formed on her eyes due to a vitamin/calcium deficiency. I purchased her at a steep discount due to her past and possible future complications.

She has, for the last week, abstained from eating due to being ready to lay eggs; I have provided a smaller tray filled with soil in her enclosure to identify her egg-laying times as I am a new cham owner and figured it would be easier than trying to identify her times by her coloration, which she often changes from bright vivid colors to lime green to speckles.
Essentially, I am worried that she may not be getting enough calcium because she has had previous deficiencies and she has not been eating her dusted feeders. She has also yet to lay her eggs, which when I slightly palpate her behind her hind legs, I can feel them. She seems to enjoy the light massages on her abdomen and behind her hind legs.
I have tried to not bother her too much as I know that will cause egg binding and undue stress, but within the last day or two she has been slow, and one of her hind legs is appearing weaker. She still has a weaker but appropriate grip when I hold her.
I understand that MBD is prevalent in chams with previous calcium deficiencies, and I have personally seen some horror stories in that same pet store (mainly from customers who didn't know how to properly feed their chams), so I would like to prevent that as much as possible.

I was wondering if there were any supplements that were safe for a female egg bearing cham such as a liquid calcium that she can injest in a small amount until she bears her eggs.

What is the longest period of time your cham went without eating when laying?

Is there anything "extra" I can try to assist her with her eggs, i.e. warm bath, electrolyte solution, etc.?

How and when can you identify your chameleon is eggbound?

Thank you in advance for any and all help. As I said before, I am a first time cham owner (though I've taken care of several in the past) and want to make sure my baby is getting the upmost care during "her time"!


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I would call you vet and ask for liquid calcium syrup. I have used it on all of my pregnant females to make sure the get enough calcium. Also make sure you dust here food with calcium powder, i use Rep Cal green label.
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