Female Cham dark and freaking out


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My Cham is about 9months old she has been a lot darker than normal and not as active. I went to feed her and she was this weird color with spots and hissing at me... is this normal?


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Females I am not as familiar with but Yes, this is a full aggressive display. Color, hissing, puffing up. This is all a warning for you to back off. @JoXie411 @Brodybreaux25 may be able to provide you with additional input on why your female would be doing this... Has she laid her first clutch of eggs yet?
No I thought she was gravid a couple weeks ago but she has not layed eggs nor shown signs of it


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Well what she did was a back off now display. Either you spooked her by opening the door with her on it or she was just not up for you being near her. That is when you leave her and come back to toss food in or you quickly toss food in and leave her. Just be careful when they are on doors like that it is very easy to accidentally pinch a tail or foot into the door when you close it.
Also when she does that kind of display do not try to touch her... She could bite you.
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