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So... I've been gutloading my dubias with kale, collard greens, mustard greens, carrots and apples; sometimes oranges for hydration. But lately the bowl I put the gutload in doesnt seem to be enough. They eat it all within minutes. I pretty much feed them twice a say. Any advice to keep them full the whole day instead of feeding them twice a day?

Also, where does everyone go for dubias purchase? My regular supplier is out til next month but wont be able to ship til October
I give my Dubia LOTS of dry gutload in addition to the fresh fruits and veggies. I only feed them once a week. But I do give them more oranges in the middle of the week. I use oranges for hydration. I make a homemade dry mix from Sandra's blog. They love it!

I haven't had to purchase any Dubia since my original ones I got at a reptile show. They are prolific breeders.

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