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would it be ok for me to feed my vield chameleon some big grasshoppers from the horse field near by? cuz there is alot of them around here:rolleyes:
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Feeding wild caught insects...

As long as you are certain that there haven't been any pesticides used in the field, it is a great idea in my opinion. Wild caught insects not only offer variety in diet, but also there is something about mother nature's way of raising insects that we just can't duplicate. If I had the opportunity, I would feed all of my chams wild caught insects.


Being a buyer for a big pet store....all kinds of vendors send me all kinds of samples.....Zoo Med sent me 3 of these....which I have hanging on my porch. The night temps are still droping into the high 40's low 50's here so its not exactly warm. But since last week when I put them up, I've caught at least 5 moths a night in each one. And let me tell you.....the chams go CRAZY over moths. .....I'd love to see some info on moth nutritional value.....
Hey, I just bought one of those! I got it a couple weeks ago, but it is just now starting to get warm enough to use. I caught a moth for my panther last night, so tonight it goes out!

I love these things!! Now that I got the moths down....I wish I could just find an insect trap that catches day time bugs.
I love these things!! Now that I got the moths down....I wish I could just find an insect trap that catches day time bugs. Agreed on the the grasshoppers and locusts.
All I can say is.. HOLY CRAP! I am so impressed! This Bug Napper is incredible!!!

I just left it out for the first time.. and went to check on it. It has been dark for about 3 and a half hours, and the catcher is full of moths! My panther will be soooo happy! Moths are his favorite! I have been letting wax worms turn into moths to get him to eat... I don't think I will have to do that for a few months! I think I will put these moths in a container, and set it out again with the smaller hole tomorrow night to see if I can get anything for the pygmies.. I tossed a small moth in last night, and it was gone in seconds. Plus, it was really entertaining.. I saw 5 little tongues flick at it as it dove back and forth in the aquarium before one finally got it.

On the topic of locusts and grasshoppers.. I knew a guy when I was keeping poultry who used a contraption he built himself to catch grasshoppers. It was a tube type contraption with a fan in it.. and one side had a panty hose stretched over it. He used a scent to attract the grasshoppers, not sure what.. and then the fan sucked them into the panty hose. He baked his grasshoppers and mixed them in to his custom poultry feed. I thought it was pretty neat, but I kept several hundred birds and couldn't catch enough grasshoppers for it to be a feasible alternative, so I didn't pay as much attention as I should have. I wish I had, because he caught a couple hundred grasshoppers and other bugs a day.

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