Feeding grasshoppers


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Hi I was just wondering about how much of a good feeder could grasshoppers be ,I have just started spotting them around my house, they are small just about the right size for my 3 month old veiled, they look very similar to this pic I found


They have really strong back legs you can feel the kick when they're in your hand, would it be better if i removed the legs?
I think steve(veiled) got kind of scared when he shot one and while he tried to eat it, the grasshopper jumped ,left his other leg behind to be eaten, and escaped from him, then he succesfully ate it anyways... so it's basically a nutrition and stuff thing
You have to be careful about bugs from the yard...people spray chemicals on their lawns and this could be bad for your chameleon.
yes i've heard about that, i found it in my yard, but they actually come from several empty terrains around my house, which have no chemicals or anything, I don't think my frontyard has any either but I'll ask thanks.
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