Feeding cup Problem?


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I just got my chameleon and ive been trying to get him to eat out of a cup but he doesnt seem interested, so i end up just letting his food free roam around the cage. how do i get him to start eating from the cup. Here is a picture of the cage.


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i use a clear feeding cup, and has never really caused problems, but, i could see how it could. my feeding cup is only about 1 1/2 inched deep.

Brad Ramsey

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Solid is better.
I have experienced my cham trying to shoot through a clear container.
I agree that the cup is possibly too deep.
If your chameleon is not accustomed to eating from a feeding cup, this one is sure to confuse him/her.
Patience is truly the key to getting them used to having their food in a feeding container. You will probably have to continue providing a few free range insects, but put most of what you feed in the cup each day. Your cham will figure it out and it's actually enriching to provide them with these kinds of challenges.
Have you seen Bill Strands invention?
Having a higher back wall with something for the feeders to climb up puts them in better visibility. I have made a similar feeder with a 2 litre soda bottle that I hotglued artificial leaves to the outside of.
You could do it with a smaller vessel as well, like a water bottle or something of a more appropriate size for your cham's current enclosure.
Here's the link to Bill's feeder:



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I use that same exact cup for my 1y/o panther. It works well for him, and I have seen many breeders use it. The key to cup feeding is placement. Try experimenting with various locations, but always keep it low so it can see inside the cup. Sometimes having it under a basking spot, or "nap" spot will do the trick. I find that my cham will crawl to a particular spot where he retires for the night, but before the lights go out he will take another zap at a meal.

Another better option is to use a tupperware container that is wider and shallow, thus promoting more movement from your feeders. This works well for others as well.
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