feeding chams when food resources are not available


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I live in a country where they dont sell or raise mealworms or crickets,what can i feed my cham other than that?can I feed it earth worms or how can i breed crickets ?larva maybe or whats the simplest thing couse its not allowed to import any kind of insects here!


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Just do some research on local insects. most locust are safe feeders and are very abundant in grassy areas. also breeding crickets is as easy as easy as 1.2.3. catch some crickets outside if you can buy them anywhere. or order some online, take a plastic bin and fill the bottom with some eco earth or something that holds moisture well and put all you crickets in there, within 5 minutes you can look at them and see that they are stabbing their butts into the ground lol let em do that for a few days then take them out and start them in the next bin. go back to your first bin and look in the sand you should see miniature "grains of rice", those are the eggs. mist them daily and keep them at room temperature or slightly warmer (warmer temps will hatch sooner). after about 3-4 weeks they should hatch out. they will look like little nats. They grow slow and should be given "flukers gut load cricket quencher" or either fresh fruit that is high in water content. Your gonna need patience because they grow very slow. You may be able to get "sure-gel" are a grocery store and make flavorless jello for them to drink water from. btw the young crickets have no smell but after a while of the adults pooping they stink bad. that's why i house my crickets on my back porch when breeding. but if this does not interest you backwatterreptiles . com has pretty good prices on feeders. ive gotten wax worms from them before and their wax worms were 5x healthier than the petsmart wax worms. and shipping is included in the price of their feeders (crickets are cheap on their site). but just messege me if you have any further questions about anything, im more than happy to help.
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