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This might’ve been asked already; I just couldn’t find it. How often do you handlers switch the feeders food? Greens look soggy after 2 days I’m wondering if there’s any nutritional value left in them if I leave them longer with the feeders


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I feed carrots (with other veggies) all the time because they don't mold and they are like 45 cents a pound at Walmart. So I over feed the carrots, then whatever else I feed, I try to make sure it is consumed within 24 - 48 hours. And bugs do seem to prefer food they haven't had in a while. Since they have carrot, pretty much 24/7, when I drop anything else in there, the roaches will come off the carrots to get the new food. Roaches that aren't currently eating, will come out of hiding to eat the new food. I seldom have mold or wasted food this way.

I really take an interest in feeders. I'm weird like that. I don't feed prepared food other than some rabbit food for protein. It takes weeks for them to eat a hand full of pellets because they prefer the fresh veggies.
I kind of have an idea how much food my different bug boxes will consume so I put in just enough to be gone in a little over a day. This prevents a lot of problems with soggy gross stuff and little flies like what can happen if I just threw in a ton at once. Also, I like to use something to keep the wet food and debris in the cages separate. A little plastic plate or something is fine, that way it can be tossed when it does look like it has had better times. I also feed mostly fresh vegetables and greens. I would say to put in what you think is just about enough for 24 hours and get a feel for how much they are consuming, then once you have a handle on it shoot for enough for about 24-48 hours at a time. If you like making big batches you can always freeze some.
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