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Magnetic Camo Chameleon Feeder Cup
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In designing the Magnetic Camo Chameleon Feeder Cups we wanted to meet the following design parameters:

1. The cups need to be easily cleanable; the regular cup has a removable climbing plastic grid. Both cups can be sprayed with water.

2. Water cannot collect and drown feeders; all cups have screened bottoms.

3. Easy placement and movement in the enclosure; cups hang on the screen by use of magnets and can be moved easily. In addition, they can be hung using fishing line or florist’s wire. Hanging the pole cup gives the chameleon 360- degree hunting!

4. The cups need to be lightweight for placement in the branches.

5. The size of the cup needs to work in large and small enclosures; so cups are just less than 12 inches tall, so they will not be too large for smaller enclosures, but still give enough climbing space for the prey to be easily seen. The Large 4” cup provides double the climbing room for insects so you can double the amount of bugs in this cup. This is especially good for larger chameleon breeds like Parson’s.

6. The cup needs to blend into the vegetation; we chose to camouflage the feeder cups using dark green, black, and brown to blend into the branches in the enclosure.

7. Pricing must be low enough to encourage buying the Camo Cups; with the light shipping weight, already having the equipment for production, and producing runs of 20 at a time, cost to the buyer is an excellent value.

Cups are priced the same; you can request any style or size on your order:

$16 each

To order, please visit www.fullthrottlefeeders.com
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