Feedback Wanted on New Enclosure! 😄

Wait a minute... If your using a T8 fixture and buy the 10.0 bulb you want a 5-6 inch distance at the closest spot.... Do not lower the vines or the cham will not get the correct UVI level.

ONLY if you get a T5HO fixture with a 5.0 bulb do you have to have a distance of 9 inches. It is a stronger fixture and output then a T8.

85-90 is pretty hot. This is for a Panther that is young right?
Hey @Beman ! I ended up going and buying a new UVB fixture and bulb. It is a T5 HO high output, 24” wide. I am planning on having it horizontally along the enclosure to fit and hopefully get a bigger enclosure next month. I have two bulbs, a 5.0 and a 10.0 - which would you recommend if the terrarium is 36” tall? I can’t really find a straight answer as to what to use, and I understand it’s different cases for all, but would love to hear your input! 🙂


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