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hey everyone!
i was wondering what should be the temperature near the feeding cup
its important to have it controlled no?

thank you
Hello, I do not believe it matters. I free range my feeders in the cage, so they are hunted down and eaten at the various temps throughout the cage to no ill affects.
yeah it shouldn't matter, once your chameleon eats they will thermo-regulate themselves and either move towards or away from the basking site (although usually towards since they require warmth for proper digestion) But if they were already hot, they may move away like I said the chameleon will decide whats best for him temperature wise.
Not too important to control temperature there specifically as long as there is a good basking spot somewhere in the cage so your cham can chose where in the temperature gradient it wants to be.
thank you
i just recived my ceramic bulb and im tryng it out
i have lower temps then i have anticipated, expecially in the basking area, i used a comon house bulb of 60w and i have higher temps on the left side under the ceramic bulb, then under (and closer) the basking area.
ill open a new post on enclosures since i roamed a litlle from the inicial subject that was the question about fedding temps, i had the idea i should have it at a certain temp so the cham would eat properly.
Thank you
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