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I am really new to this. I picked up a Jackson from a local Lizard swap/trade show and I am wondering what is your favorite type/kind of Jackson Chameleon.

Also what are some things or bits if you will, of advice that you might share with someone only a week into this. I have read countless books, magazines and I have already talked to people at these trade shows just to let you know.

Thank you kindly and thank you Chameleon Forums for making me a member.
I must say the merumontanus are my favourite but I wouldnt mind any jacksons as I have only got merumontanus.

Hope your jacksons is in good condition, could you post some pics?
The weather is really hot here in S.A most the time so when I take mine out he goes under tree shade and I mist him A LOT.
You dont have to supplement their food as often as other species like Veileds and Panthers.
They like a good basking temperature during the day (not too high though) and quite a good drop in temps at night.
Humidity should also be around 80%
Add a variety of food to their diet aswell, but they also do not need to be fed that much or they could have problems later on...
Mine loves mealworms but I offer lobster roaches, crickets and mealworms, all gutloaded.

looks just like my female jacksonii. u may want to get a bigger cage and house the chameleon by its self. how big is your cage?
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