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I got a one month old veiled cham, the length of my little finger, the beginning of November. I named him Fractal. It is 2 and a half months later and he is as big as a man's fist when curled and 11 inches long, easy, stretched out. He is very precise in movements and habits. He does not like to be handled. He lunges and snaps. He has biiten me twice in one instance but it did not break skin. I realized that my jumping back had to stop and I could not let myself feel fear. He picks right up on it and it empowers him. So I stand strong when he gets the "big face" and on. He reluctantly climbs on when I tell him same words, "Let's go to the sun," and "Come on!" (He seems to have learned the result to those words is time in the big plant at the sunny window)
He eats two crickets at a time and is really fun to watch. I keep rebuilding cages, bigger and bigger. I like building so that's ok. He got his first warm shower today and I think he liked it. Any other healthy suggestions that would make my veiled chameleon happy, and healthy as well? (Besides me staying out his way, lol)
Oh... and what would be the best humidifier to get for him. (brand name and model please, and preferably quiet} He does not like the one I got him at all and I have to spray every hour manually myself. I don't think he likes noise, but he sorta likes me to sing to him softly in the higher notes once a day. He comes to the front of the cage and watches nicely. <G>
At first, that´s normal that babies grow so fast. The one of mine is also "growing in front of my eyes". :) But what do you mean by getting warm shower????
No need to spray every hour a Veiled. Once a day in the morning hours will be fine and sometimes you can give him a drink manually. But so much moisture could cause him troubles. It is not tropical specimen, Yemen is rather low rainfall semi-desert.
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