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Just sent off my boy to ChamCapture all the way in Florida. I know my boy will love that weather out there :cool:

It was sad watching the truck drive away :(

Hopefully when I get settled in my new place in Oregon I can get back into chameleons. I also just sold everything chameleon related so i'll be starting from scratch on my next guy!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone aswell for helping me out in the chameleon world and I'll def be helping others out and lurking these forums ;)


Awww the picture of that truck driving off is going to make me cry! Darn you! Lol awww :(

Lol yeah, Figured I'd take a pic to remember the moment!

Awwww, that's so sad. The fed ex truck picture just ads to the sadness. I'm sure he will love Florida.

I know he will. Hopefully he can make some babies aswell, might have to get a baby boy from him.

I am going to miss you. Hope the move goes well.

Thanks Laurie! Oregon sounds too nice right now, can't wait to move. Hopefully soon!
Man, didn't catch this thread somehow?!? Gabe, don't worry, your boy is in GOOD hands with me:D!! You have my email, so you can ask me for pics anytime you want. Here are a couple quick pics of him I just took with a crappy camera. His bars are turning really purple!! Thanks again and good luck in Oregon.
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