Fanci the Veiled


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Meet Fanci, my veiled chameleon. She is almost a year old now. I got her when she was 2 months. Since I introduced my baby a Panther Reptar, I figured I would give my Fanci her moment to shine. She is the reason for my chameleon hobby. She was the best birthday present ever. The photo in the cup is the day I got her up until now.


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she looks amazing!!!
Thank you! I didn’t realize when I got her (from Pets Mart) that she was so hard to take care of. The lady def misinformed me, thank God for Google and forums... what that lady told me would have killed her! I feel as if I am becoming an expert... I have learned so much and they are by far one the greatest pets I’ve ever owned! (we have turtles too, they’re pretty great) No matter how much work they take! They’re awesome! Makes me feel good to see people say she looks amazing .
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