f/s 4 jackson chameleons

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3 females 1 male
no i wont take them a part they must be sold or traded to gether
ill have some pics up soon

looking to trade for a chameleon
female panther
male orange crush (young)
or looking to get money off femmale panthers

or if you would like to buy them
looking to get 150
all so can make a deal with cage and there vines and stuff
heres some pics of the females and the male sorry if the pics are not that great

140.00 or best offer
or trade
mist system or....?


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one of my female Jackson just had babbys
i now have cb Jackson babys
the trade or for sale just went up
looking to get 30 plus shipping on the baby Jackson
mother doing well
i have 10 to15 baby jacksons
other 2 female jacksons will have babys soon
the sir- male jackson t-rex from a zoo
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