Eyes look sunken while sleeping


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I was just lookin at my cham while he was sleeping and i noticed his eye looks sunken. Thing is I'm always lookin for signs of dehydration, loss of appetite and such and he has been fine. Matter of fact I was watchin him earlier and his eyes looked fine. Can this be just cause he's sleeping and i am just worrying cause i noticed it for the first time, or is he dehydrated? I mist at least 4 times a day with a plant sprayer for 4-5 minutes and run a dripper. I actually noticed him drinking from the dripper today and almost always see him drink in the morning when i mist. Here is a pic i took a few minutes ago.
whew, I was trippin talkin to him like he could hear me, lol. I was like, "dude, you looked fine earlier, i saw you drinking, why you doin this to me?:(" haha
That's a great picture. You should check out the photography forum and maybe post some pics, maybe enter a contest. I love the dramatic negative space. I know that's a result of it being at night with a flash, but you made the choice to include it.
Nothing to worry about, optic muscles relax when its asleep. As long as they look normal during the day and the urates are white or mostly so.
nice shot , shame about the ugly faux plants, dont do the lizard justice! :)
Thanks for the compliments. I've been trying to get him an umbrella plant but i cant find them. I know there are other options, but i like the umbrellas. I found one at a Home Depot for my sons jacksons,but they haven't got anymore in. I've also tried other locations of the same store and Lowes and nothing. My next try is a nursery and if i can't find one I'll have to settle for something else. i do have 2 dracenas in there, but they are still too short so i used fake foliage on top.
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