eye turret ripped need advice?

ok so I am another new person on this site but have had panther chameleons for a few years now, but have never had this happen to any of my chams before. So earlier today I noticed my 9 month old female Cham had the skin cut pretty good around the turret the actual eye ball is fine and not punctured its just the skin that might have gotten caught on a branch or something. So if this has happened to anyone before please let me know what to do next? thank you.
ok so here her picture, sorry its dark hopefully u can see it.


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Oh wow !! That looks painful. I would say vet visit immediatly. Best of luck... Poor thing :(

Yes sadly there is no "home remedy" to any of the big issues like this.

if you see something important like this the first thing you should consider is a vet visit please

im hoping for the little guy to recover well that looks pretty bad :(


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That will probably require stitches or some other way to close it up. That is a bad injury in a very delicate area and would definitely require a vet visit. Good luck with it.


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Put her in a STERILE TUB with nothing but paper towel. Rinse with saline solution and try to keep her as clean and stress free as possible. Then you MUST GO to a vet.

Best of luck! Keep us posted!


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Ouch! I agree a vet visit to a reptile vet is best for her. If the flap of skin is intact it might be able to be repaired and heal well. If not then that is going to take a long time to heal over and be susceptible to infection until it does. That's a very delicate area so taking appropriate care now will help prevent loss of the eye in the future.


So I admire you for coming on to the forums, this is probably the best place for cham care in the world, and you are doing the right thing, but you should have scheduled an emergency vet visit the second you noticed that. If your eyelid ripped would you go online looking for advice or would you call 911 immediately? Again, I'm not trying to rag on you (there is actually a current discussion about people biting the heads off of new members) and I hope you stay on the forums; its an awesome place, but next time your cham has a health issue I would try to put yourself in her place and do what you would do if it was you with the ailment. I hope she gets better, please keep us updated on her progress!
sad to say she did not make it, after posting my thread I found a 24 hrs emergency vet 20 mins from my house where I took her.


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Oh man thats terrible Im sorry for your loss! I thought she may be ok once taken to the vet,but i guess considering the wound and scale to size, i guess it was a pretty big cut. That would be like us having a piece of skin the size of our cheek or bigger just hanging open. Since their eyes and turrets seem to be pretty big considering their head/body size. Im curious did you ever find out how she did that to her eye? Sharp objects, another male in the cage for mating possibly, razor blade, chainsaw?? Sorry if i offend you I'm just trying to lighten the mood lol. Its good to see you attempted to do the right thing, sometimes these guys go down hill quickly! This is what kind of enforces the ideal that we really can't tell what the guys are feeling or if they are hurting,stressed, happy, sick, or mad. I have seen it thousands of times on here with peoples chameleons looking better or "not in pain" one day and then die the next. They are experts in not only hiding themselves but also in hiding any weakness or illness. this is not towards you man but others when they say "my loves being held and is happy all the time", possibly some more thought should be put into that.This has been a real eye opener! no pun intended.
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