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okay so i just took Carlos to my vet (which specializes in dogs, cats, and exotic pets). his eye was a little swollen and had some discharge. they used a saline wash to clean it out and prescribed him an antibiotic ointment to apply twice daily. since using it, the inner corner of his eye has been swelling up a bit, to the point when he looks forward there is a visible sack of puffiness. I read that puffiness is the eyes indicates a vitamin A deficiency—but would his eye infection cause this?(vet says he has conjunctivitis and found a linear scratch on his eye likely from a fall and bacteria entered) I give him repashy super lod twice a month and calcium without d3 daily. i also use reptisun t5 ho 5.0 linear bulb that gets replaced every 6 months and mist every four hours or so with mistking. his basking temp is around 85 F.

has anyone dealt with this? could he have an eye infection and vitamins A deficiency or is it just the infection? I am taking him into the vet tomorrow because he seems to be worsening. Please help if you can!! thank you


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If you are giving Repashy LoD 2 times a month then no there is not a vitamin A deficiency. LoD is a multivitamin with D3 and A in it along with many other multivitamins. This is just what is going on with the eye itself. Could be noticing more swelling just do to them flushing it and the eye being extremely irritated. I would consult with the vet again and ask them there thoughts and how long to expect swelling from the infection.


Could you post a pic?
after the antibiotic the swelling went down but now his eye looks muted — he also recently shed so i’m not sure if it’s just the shed or if it’s not getting better. first three pics are the bad eye and the last two are his normal eye


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