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This is going to be a weird question but can a young chameleon’s body out grow the eyes? He is around 4 months. My little guy is exploding in size and his eyes look wrinkled and sunken. I noticed the bigger he gets the more wrinkled they look. His Urates are white, he drinks when I mist. I was thinking he was dehydrated but now I’m not sure. Here are some pics.


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Sunken eyes are often indicative of underlying health problems. The body wouldn't outgrow the eyes. I have also seen chameleons eyes sink in when they're stressed or upset, but it's usually only temporary.
He is currently being treated for coccidia...not sure if it would have this kind of effect. Just hoping it could be due to rapid growth. I will send these pics to my vet and see what he thinks as well. Thanks James!


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Ahhh that probably has something to do with it. Sorry he has coccidia, do you have an idea how he got it?


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Sucking the eyes in when the camera gets close if fairly common but if you are seeing this even at a distance then something is up. What coccidia medication are you giving?
Ponazuril, he is due for his second round this Friday.


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Sorry your guy as coccidia. Larry also can to me with coccidia. He was also put on ablon he never wanted to eat after the medication so I was injecting the feeders with the meds so he was eating and getting the meds. You can ask you vet if that’s an option for you


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I would also increase the misting a little since parasites take a pretty big toll on chams bodies. I think I heard it will also help the liver flush out the medication not too sure on that one tho
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