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Hey! My baby boy Aspen has been in my care for about 2 and a halfish years, 3 on christmas! He'll be around 4 years old in January. Recently I noticed he's gotten a little swollen in one of his eyes. I've attached some pictures, the first is his normal eye and the second is his puffy one. I'm aware his Casque is scarred from a previous burn, his care was corrected and he hasn't had any issues there since. I've also attached the cage I built him so you can get an idea for his husbandry. It's all live plants and I hand mist him for 3 minutes twice daily. He's 8 inches away from his 60 watt basking UVA bulb, 12 inches away from a 10% reptisun? UVB. I forgot if i bought arcadia or reptisun. The other lengthwise light is a plant light and doesnt heat up. I'm actually buying more plants for his enclosure today. If anyone could let me know if this is a vetworthy visit I'd appreciate it, I don't have any reptile vets within two hours of me so I usually use it as a last resort ^^;


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What supplements do you use and on what schedule?
In case it is something in his eye, I’d try some extra long mistings.
I use reptical without d3 for nearly every feeding, with d3 once or twice a month, as well as flukers liquid vitamin as needed? He doesn't like to eat food with the vitamin supplement on it so it's challenging to get him to take it.
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