Eye problems!! 1 1/2 yr old Veiled.

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Hey guys, My 1 1/2 year old boy has been having recurring eye problems.
for the past 3 months he has had his right eye swell up every now and then.
for instance, yesterday his eye looked perfectly fine, this morning it was a bit swolen and half closed..

This is my current setup:
5.0 4ft bulb (2months old)
60wt basking bulb
mistking setup every hr for 5 minutes.(9-5) 15 minutes in the morning.
calcium w/o d3 5 days a week
calcium w d3 once a month
multivit every other week (twice a month)
Dubia,Supers, and the occasional hornworms. (gutloaded w carrots,kale and cricket crack when available)

Now this is my guess as to why this is happening: Here in Chicago humidity levels are horrible in winter, but i manage to keep a level of 40-50% during the day. and the lowest at night is 15%
I have a humidifier running 24/7 to keep up. But again, its just my guess.

I would like to see if some of the more experienced keepers can maybe point something out that i can change before i risk taking my little guy out into the freezing chicago weather for a vet trip..
Hes a very healthy guy and is constantly roaming the entire room.

Here are some videos of him and my setup.(Its in HD)




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The only thing I see that might explain eye issues, (that is not related to humidity/shed itching type behaviours) is the rope your using in his freerange area.
Rubbing those google eyes on vines ,branches etc is normal cham behaviour so long as the eye appears bright and clear and no swelling.
The rope will occasionally shed fine fibers which might occasionally get in the eye and cause irritation.
Replacing ropes with rubber covered flex or biovine etc, or natural vine/branches may atleast eliminate this possibility.
Rope will also soak up bacteria/dirt, especially if you mist occasionally.
Internet connection not to good right now so couldnt watch both entire movies sorry.
best wishes :)

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aaaah, didn't account for the rope! im going to switch it out to see if his behavior changes.
hi eye is actually very clear, no crust or anything on it it just swells up a a bit..
I would consider it normal if it was only for a little while, but in one of the instances it was swolen for 2 days and it was half closed for a bit.
I cleared his eye with saleen solution and soon after he was back to normal.. although i couldn't tell if it was because the lack of moisture or if he had some sort of debris in there.


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Well its a possibility anyway. Try an extra light misting over him once a day, might just be airborn dust from air conditioning, though central heating does dry the air some. :)

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Im going to change the rope soon to see how he does..

does anyone on the east coast have similar problems with the lack of humidity??


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Im from MN, I saran wrapped half of the metal cover and my humidity went from avg of 50 to 70 even after me sleeping for 12 hours stays at 70 also easier to keep warm.


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Have you tried to supplement him with any Vit. A? A lack of it is known to be the cause of some eye problems. Get a fish oil capsul, poke a needle in it and wipe a very slight amount on a feeder and give it too him. They can overdose on preformed A so you want to take it easy and not give too much. See if that works. Maybe do it 2 times in a month and see if that helps any.
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