Eye bubble :(


So i took Charla to the vet a couple days ago for her eye and the vet said retained shed or very mild thermal burn, increase mistings. But her eye has now gut a bump and doesn't look good! Any ideas what this is?? Any suggestions for some relief for my girl before I can get her back to the vet??

The first pic is her bad side and the other is the good side for comparison


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  • Your Chameleon - veiled, unsure exact age, maybe 4 months?, I've had her for 2 weeks
  • Handling - once a day before I feed her
  • Feeding - crickets dusted in calcium without d3, gave her coated with reptivite once. I give her about 10, she eats about 8 a day. The crickets are fed sweet potatoes and dandelion. I also give them flukers all in one cause the petstore sold me that with her.
  • Watering - I don't see her drink. She hates the misting. I do it twice a day for about 2 minutes. I also have a dripper. I have been treating the water with the reptile safe stuff...hoping this is OK
  • Fecal Description - black and white feces. See at least one in there a day but hard to notice with all the plants and all
  • History - none

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - 16x16x36, chameleon kit screen cage
  • Lighting - linear t5ho reptisun 10.0, br30 75watt flood in deep done. On 8a-8p
  • Temperature & Humidity - waiting on temp gun from Amazon, don't have a humidity gauge
  • Plants - Croton, umbrella plant, devil's ivy
  • Placement - cage is in the spare room that is not high traffic. She is on a table that is about 3 feet off the ground
  • Location - South Jersey


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First u can try the warm shower method to get rid of those shed skin...if that still didnt come out completely...I will wet the q tip and gently to remove those shed skin in a circular direction without pushing into the center of the eye itself, hope this will help with her eye.


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No that’s definitely not a thermal burn, may want to consider finding a new vet.

As mentioned above your best course of action is to do a few long duration showers to flush any trash out.

Also have to get a real gutload, difficultly with shedding is a sign his diet is lacking certain nutrients, like vitamin A.
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