Extreme kit?


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Petco for thw win lol. Just buy a screen cage and they price match online website s then go buy leaves and vine at a hobby store


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Dont support petco or petsmart. Take your business to someone that cares about what they do.

I agree, but disagree. I thought the same thing when we were first getting into chameleons, so the first places we went were reptile stores. We went in knowing we wanted a panther chameleon and only got shot down by multiple stores. "Oh panthers are too expensive for a beginner, it'll never live, just get a veiled" We even walked in to a store and told the guy we wanted a panther chameleon and he looked at us and said panthers are upwards of 200 dollars. I shook my head and walked right out. Sometimes the people we expect to help us the most, act like they know everything. We buy our crickets from petsmart because the ones we got from the reptile store were black and died in 3 days. Although I wouldn't go to petsmart to buy a cham or for advice, I don't mind giving them the business since they are actually willing to help anytime I'm in there.

As far as the FL cham kit, I'm not too sure. We got our cage off craigslist and our UVB from petsmart. We bought the mister from a reptile show, and the plant and heat lamp from home depot.


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Sounds like your local reptile stores could be put in the same category as petsmart or petco ;)

Crickets dieing within days arent because they have horrible crickets. When ordering crickets from any cricket supplier. You order by age or size of cricket. It they order the largest crickets often the suppliers will give them exactly that. Crickets that are either retired breeders or crickets that at the peak of their life cycle. Pet smart may order 1/2 or 3/4. This give the cricket time to grow.

As for being nice, its retail. A retail chain pet store. They are all suppose to be cheery and helpful. Its probably number one in the employee handbook. Always smile, greet customers and act helpful...:)
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