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I have noticed Scooter, My cham has a everyday routine since i got him. I have the basking lights and uvb lights on a timer for 8 am and the basking go off at 8 pm and the uvb at 8:30pm. I have noticed at about 11 am he will walk all through the cage even walked on the bottom of the cage for about 10 min and then make his way back up to bask. He does this roughly ever 2 to 3 hours. I was wondering is this normal for him to go to the bottom of the cage and walk around? He goes back up but i have heard they hardly ever go to the bottom.
Mine does the same thing. I think they are just doing a routine check of their territory. Seeing if there is any food, intruders...etc..

How long have you had your cham? and you are sure it's a male? I have 2 male velied, 1 which is about 2yrs old and the other about 3-4 months old. The adult male I have only does this when he's wanting out of his cage, because he's used to sharing a bigger cage with my female velied. He doesn't do this when he's in the larger cage, only wondering around on the trees. How big is your cage and how old is your chameleon?
I was told its around 9 months old. Its a male because it has spurs on the back of its feet. Its in a 100 gallon reptarium. 16.5 x 30 x 48 tall
Do you have any photos of your setup? I would like to see more of your housing details. I am sorry with my previous suggestions, it's just the way you describe things. These were the first answer appropriate answer I could give.
Yeah, Ill try to post up some pictures tonight. I have to small artificial plants in there and plenty of the vines from petsmart.
I have read that Velied are intense basking chameleons. They will bask under the sun even when the ambient temperature (eg. srrounding temp) is around 90. As long as they are not too close to the light to inflict burns, he'll be ok.I keep my light at about 20-25cm away from the basking spot. And my chameleons are thriving. My basking spot temp is around 85-90. And I'm not having any problems with my chameleons.
My veiled likes to sit on his top branch and he keeps an eye on the whole cage cause he can see everything from there, but i do notice that he climbs to the bottom not on the floor but across some low vines then across the base of the plants and up the back of his cage. Hes just roaming for food and nibbles on leaves here and there. my cage is 36x36x24
Not sure of the size or the set-up?

If the chameleon finds the area unsuitable they may go to the ground to try and find new territory. Improper temperatures, not enough areas to hide, lack of food/water....etc. May not be the case just throwing that one out there. Temperatures look good.

I keep my temperatures in the basking spot high so they show better colors and are more active.
i found my male veild would do that also but i found he did it when he got hot he would do his rounds checking his territory finding any hidden crickets but then would chill out there for about 10 or 15 mins and then when i would come over he would go back up to his basking perch and just puff out huge so i thinks its a way for them to cool off , pretty smart if you think about it , cool off and check the territory while looking for food
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