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Once Pi started eating, she's been on mostly fruit flies and (small) crickets. I've read some people feeding worms. Like any owner, I want her to be healthy so I thought maybe giving her options would be nice.

If I can feed her worms, which types should I and how would I go about doing so? I've read some people mentioning food dishes, but I thought chams didn't eat out of food dishes...

Side note: I asked my father to pick up some crickets for her earlier today and he came home with the crickets as well as "Mini Mealies" which says it's good for small lizards, turtles, birds, etc. but she had no interest in them and I assumed it was because they were not live worms. I put a tiny bit in the cricket cage and they seemed to nibble on them a bit. Is that normal?


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How old/big is she now? Some babies will eat out of food cups/tubs, and others wont. Small silkworms, hornworms, superworms, occationally mealworms, soldier fly grubs, and maybe some small butterworms if she is big enough can work. Small roaches can also be fed (some species might not produce babies small enough for a young baby veiled though.) Some babies are picky and wont eat worms (I find that it seems to be because the worms don't move enough to really attract their attention.)


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She's about a month old now and growing. I know (not measuring tail), she's the length of my finger...which isn't much, maybe 2 inches...I've never been good at measuring just via sight.

I've seen her eat fruit flies out of a cup before, but nothing else. Then again, I haven't put crickets in a cup, I've just let her free hunt those since I thought that was best for her.


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Chameleons will not eat dead bugs. They will only eat live prey items. Also chameleons will eat out of dishes or cups. They will not, however, drink from dishes or cups.


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I would go with silkworms and hornworms. Buy them as eggs though so you can grow them to the size you want. Silkworms are a little more time consuming and can be harder to raise than the hornworms and hornworms grow super fast for one cham to eat alone so you might need to end up off loading them on someone. They are great ways to get hydration into your cham though, and usually chams love them. Though sometimes they can be picky XD oh how I love their personalities. I do not find any good in feeding mealworms and superworms as they are rather fatty and mostly exo, plus they tend to become addicting for the cham and they end up refusing to eat anything else for a while. Good luck with your baby. If your interested in buying hornworm eggs I always buy from Greatlakes hornworms. But shop around and find the best price.
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