Exoterra vine leading to eye problems?

Hey guys, after cleaning my chams cage I added two exoterra vines and noticed while washing them off that some of the material would scrape off if you rubbed it hard enough. So now a week later it seems like my cham is having some sort of eye problem. His left eye is a little sunken in and I have a feeling he rubbed it on the exoterra vine and got something in it. I gave him a short shower today and plan on giving him a much longer shower tomorrow to see if it will help him get it out. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this/had same problem.

This is the exoterra vine I'm talking about
It's plausible that the grainy stuff rubbed off into the eye, but there are other possibilities too.

Do you have a ficus in your enclosure? They have white "blood" that comes out if a leaf is ripped off or a branch cut off. Maybe the sticky goo got stuck in the eye.

Maybe it's something else too. Most likely if you have substrate that could be it too.
Nope I have a umbrella in there right now and no substrate. The only other thing I can think of is that I caught him squinting that same eye earlier today. When I redid his enclosure I made his basking spot too high up and so that's what was causing that to happen. I think he has something in that eye because wouldn't both eyes be squinted if his basking spot was too high? And only the one eye is sunken in not both. Thanks for the response, a vet visit probably what's going to happen.
Is he drinking OK? Sunken eyes can be dehydration too.

I have some of the exo-terra vines and mine have also rubbed their eyes on them when getting misted. I haven't had an issue yet. I don't buy them anymore though because once you've had them bent for so long, that bent part never goes away.

I could see it possibly rubbing into his eye though as they do flake off. Sounds like a vet is in order! Hope all is well.
I had those vines and they caused what i called head phone eyes as my female veileds eyes looked like big tires like headphones for eyes! I took the vines out give her lots of warm mistings and vetoquinol! Its an ointment made up of neomycin. Polymyxin bsulfates and bacitracin ophthalmic ointment usp. The vet would be the only place to get the ointment. For any type of infection or ubstrction in the eyesa vet will be in order regardless.hope all is well and you get it all figured out but i would get rid of the grainy vines! Dehydration and stress will cause them to sink their eyes in their head. But one eye is strange i would take him to the vet but keep us posted on progress.
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I'm hoping it was the lighting irritating his eye because this morning both eyes look normal, but his pee was orange so he is dehydrated. So Ren's going to be getting a 15+ minute shower today to help him hydrate. Thanks for the replies guys!
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