Excited to try this product!


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Just thought I'd post this... I'm getting ready to set up my first chameleon's enclosure and I stumbled upon this product. An upside-down hanging planter called Boskke Sky Planter.


I'm excited to try this since it seems perfect for hanging plants like Pothos, ferns, etc. The soil and plant are kept inside by a mesh and plastic collar which also seems like it will keep feeders out. I plan to try it and will report back after I have assessed. Let me know if you think this would cause any sort of problem or shouldn't be used for some reason.
SHould be fine as long as the mesh keeps the crickets etc from getting to the dirt. My only concern would be that crickets can still lay eggs through the mesh.
Hmmm... I did not know that crickets would lay eggs in the dirt (or didn't think about it). I thought putting rocks over the dirt on live plants was just to keep the chameleon from consuming dirt which might lead to impaction. I will think about this some more before buying it.
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