everything is so confusing!


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ok, I may be being very stupid here but I am confused.

Things (i.e. animals, cages, misting systems, live plants etc etc.) Appear to be very varied in price in the Chameleon world.

I have already established in my mind why some chameleons themselves are more expensive to buy than others but now I'm stumped on enclosures.


These two enclosure appear as far as I can see to be completely identical, apart from a slightly different door layout. However one is $20 less than the other!

Have I just found a good deal or is one less like good! lol

also, I have been getting hugely mixed reviews on reptarium vs. aluminium screen.

I have heard from one side that people have had no problems whatsoever with reptarium style enclosures so long as they have braced them slightly.

But I've heard that they can be detromental to the Chameleon, toenails being caught etc.

But again I have heard that Aluminium screening is by far the worst thing to have for a Cham as the screening is sharp and at least with the meshing style caging the chameleon wont sut his toes!!! Everyone thinks different things and I am so confused!!

The guy at the reptile store near us who so far I have always liked and therfore trusted, lol said that he always reccomends reptariums as they are cheaper and have better ventilation but I have got such good advice from these forums I just had to ask you all as I recon your probably a more reliable source than the nice reptile store guy.

Is it just a matter of opinion or is there a general feeling on which is better??

Sorry for the long post!


Reptariums have lots of disadvantages - you can't see the animal well, insects can chew through, they block more light and UV, they are not as sturdy.

Aluminum cages have faults - if they arent' setup properly, or are to small, chameleons tend to climb on the sides, and can lose toenails. This is also a problem with reptariums, but I think screen is more dangerous.

Also, aluminum is easier to damage, and harder to clean.

I prefer aluminum cages, if i have to go wiht smaller cages. I made them myself. The prices are drastically different because though identical looking, they are made by different people.

Aluminum LOOKS much better, alows for better lighting,a nd is insect proof.
I'd add that with Reptariums, the zipper is a real pain the rear. I've had a few... they are in my basement now:rolleyes: . I prefer aluminum cages over the two.
Personally, I prefer building my own with wood. You can make it anyway you want and it looks nice. :D
thank you, Aluminium seemed to be the best but everyone seemed to have conflicting views. Glad there seems to be a definative answer here!

Cheers all
Plastic coating

Dont forget, some aluminum screening you can get with plastic coating to prevent the sharpness, dont ask me for specific sources, but I know they are out there. Someone else might have a source for you on them.
Cages.net has the types of cages you have been looking at, and they use a vinyl coated 8 mesh aluminum screen. They are a little bit more expensive, though. IMO.. if I were to purchase a cage.. I would go with this company.

i have built several cages out of hardware cloth and flower pots for the bottom i build them three foot tall and 16 inch diameter but you can make them bigger the entire cage cost my about $15 to build and $10 to decorate a 3ft ficus tree
Hardware cloth kinda scares me because it is dipped in zinc. Zinc "rusts" white rust that is toxic if ingested. I know lots of folks use it.. but I have wondered if it is related to long term organ problems in some chameleons.

wow! nice posts.

Does anyone know where you can buy the screening, i.e. plastic coated aluminium mesh like the smal stuff, i think it was 1/8" but I'm not sure We're in metric over here and imperial confuses me! lol

My dad's a good carpenter and I'm thinking about asking him to help me make/design a cage, that way we could taylor fit it to my room. Also it looks like it would be cheaper.

Also whats hardware cloth?


Hi Noah,

I tried for a couple months to buy some, and couldn't get any. Cages.net has theirs specially made. You might want to check with them and see if they will sell you some. When I spoke with them a few months ago, they were almost out and wouldn't be getting any until April. So.. you might be timing it right to buy some from them. I ended up using an 8 mesh heavy plastic screen made for fish stuff. It was fairly inexpensive at the time, but I have seen that the cost has gone up some. My cage is not quite done yet, so I can't give you any idea of how well it will hold up. My hope is that it will be fantastic, but only time will tell.

thanks heika, can't wait to see pics of ur setup, hope all goes well!


Has anyone seen/heard of/owned a "Chameleon canopy"

hey look really interesting but I cant see out how they would work
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