Everyone loves babies ;-)


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A few baby Ambilobe pics. About 2 weeks old.



I'm terrible at sexing babies, any thoughts on the one below? I am thinking male.



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You are right, we all love babies and you've got some fantastic shots! I'm not going to guess at the sex of your last pic - I only play that game at home when there are far more experienced people than myself to make an educated guess. :D


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awwwwww!!!!! how maney are there? you planning on selling? day are sooo cuuuuutttteeeee!!!!!!!!!! i especialy love the second one.the last one im pretty sure is a girl.your right. everybody loves babeeeezzzzz!!!!!!!!!!


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Very nice pics! That last photo is definitely a female. No hint of a bulge there.

Thanks, where would the bulge be located? I checked out another thread that explains it but I had a hard time seeing anything. Is the bulge before or after the vent?

Ive got 30 little guys in this clutch. This is the largest one I have had and honestly like it when they are right around 20 in a clutch :D


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ImageUploadedByTapatalk1372210207.917036.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1372210221.727158.jpg. The first pic is a profile of a female around a week old. 2nd pic is male of the same clutch. What you are looking for is the thickness of the tail base just past the vent toward the end of the tail. On the male there is a slight curve upward just before the vent where the female has no curve but goes straight in. If I take pictures like this with good focus and a nice profile shot, I can be accurate nearly 100% of the time. There have been a few that looked male right up to 4 months and turned out to be female but that is fairly rare.
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