Estimated time left on panther eggs


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I've got panther eggs that were laid 11/30/12 incubated at 72° for the first 3 months, gradually raised to 75° for the next 2 months and finally graduated to 77° in mid May (same way I've incubated panthers for years). Now that I'm home alot more that I used to be I've been able to taken to candling and checking our eggs more than I used to when I was away from home most of the time (go figure lol). I've been candling about twice a month to see the embryos evolution. Anyway all 30 are looking great and most you can even clearly see baby shadows when candled. I've never been home enough to be as vigilant so I'm trying to figure out approximately how much longer I'm looking at until babies start popping out as almost half of them I've been able to see shadows with for 2-3weeks now.

Any ideas?

I'll try to post pictures later tonight.
I would say.. no more than two months.
You could have one hatch tomorrow, or it could take a full 9 months.

But I would start preparing fruit fly cultures now.
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