Epoxy resin inlay background


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Builders- anyone ever tried to incorporate an epoxy resin(liquid glass) inlay as a background in your custom build? I’ve been wanting to do a vertical river table type of background for a long time now. Really just curious if anyone has used epoxy resin in a viv before...


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I use epoxy a lot in my enclosures.
I mainly use it to waterseal stuff and strenthen styrofoam/tile adhesive backgrounds.

Big fan of epoxy, only downside is that it's shiney but you can sprinkle sand on the top layer and most of it is gone.


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That looks so awesome .. Found a store in my country that sells it and it's 40euro for just under 2 kilo's... I'm guessing itvs not to light weight so that won't be cheap for a full 3D background.

Looks like high quality stuff.
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